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If you’re looking for a professional exhaust fan hinge installation service in Pickering, Ontario, then look no further than Pickering Hood Cleaning. We’re an experienced team of professionals who are experts at installing exhaust fans and we provide reliable services that will leave your location with clean air. With years of experience under our belt and skilled technicians on staff, you can be sure that the job is done right!

Pickering Hood Cleaning is here to help ensure all of your commercial ventilation needs are met. Contact us today for more information!

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A restaurant exhaust fan can be a crucial part of any establishment. They provide the optimal amount of ventilation to keep your food fresh and cooked, as well as avoiding expensive construction projects that would otherwise be needed. If you’re looking for an expert installation, contact Pickering Hood Cleaning today!

Pickering Hood Cleaning is proud to offer professional installation services on all types of restaurant exhaust fans in Pickering. We have been servicing the needs of local restaurants for years and will ensure your new exhaust fan has everything it needs to perform at its very best. There are many benefits to installing a new exhaust fan in your kitchen, including: increased airflow efficiency, improved safety standards compliance with fire codes and prevention against potential health hazards.

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The most common type of exhaust fan is a kitchen hood which can be installed into your ceiling or mounted over your stovetop and comes in many different sizes depending on how large your kitchen space is. There are also more industrial style fans that can be mounted to walls or ceilings where they draw air out through filters for cleaner air circulation. Regardless of what style you need, it’s important that the venting system has properly functioning hinges so that it doesn’t cause problems like backdrafts which could lead to fires and other hazardous situations for you and your customers.We are experts in the field and measure up to your specifications for your new exhaust fan. Contact us today!

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Pickering Hood Cleaning is one of the leading commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in North York, Toronto. Our expert team will assist you in selecting the suitable exhaust hood for your business and maintenance plan that offers an optimal performance. Our team is available to provide you with the best of services. Moreover, we also follow the proper cleaning procedures that ensure safety and efficiency in each task.

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Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning Pickering is very important. Kitchen waste, grease and oil are harmful, if let to accumulate in the ducts of the exhaust hoods. If you wish to keep your kitchen safe, then regular maintenance is a must. Pickering Hood Cleaning provides professional commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services for customers in Toronto at affordable prices. Pickering Hood Cleaning are experts in providing you with commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services. Our aim is to offer high quality and reliable service that will meet your requirements. To get the best experience of our services, call us today.